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tDPT Requirements Set by Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association

NUMSS tDPP Requirements in Bangladesh 

The enrollment process for the transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (tDPT) program of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) is different in Bangladesh than other countries. 

Physiotherapists practicing in Bangladesh can only apply to the NUMSS tDPT program through the Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA). 

BPA has a number of requirements that must be satisfied prior to enrollment. Please contact Dr Osman Gony at the BPA directly at to receive more information on how to apply for NUMSS tDPT program.

Here is a summery of the requirements established by BPA provided by Dr Gony:

Implementing the Board Certified Specialist program leading to tDPT
Implementation Body:
  • Bangladesh Board of Physiotherapy Specialists (BBPS) (Special Body by BPA )
  • National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS), Spain
Progression Pathway:
·         Professionals with 4 Years BPT and 1 Years Internship (5 Years) will be eligible for entry to the program of ‘Board Certified Specialist’ under BBPS.
·         After Successfully Passing the entire Exam requirement under BBPS and Completing the Specialty Specific Residency program (minimum 18 months of total duration) a professional is awarded ‘Board Certified Specialist’ credential within a Specific Specialty like MSK, Neuro, Sports etc.
·         After getting the ‘Board Certified Specialist’ credential, professionals will be able to register with NUMS for their Post Professional DPT program.
·         They will get modules waved from their prior learning as appropriate and complete rest of the modules like Dissertation under supervision of Faculties from NUMS and BBPS here at Bangladesh. Thesis defense and final exam can be conducted at Bangladesh by NUMS & BBPS Faculty jointly.
·         On completion of the entire tDPT degree requirement, NUMS will award tDPT to a Professional who joined the ‘Board Certified Specialist Program leading to tDPT’.

Modification of ‘Board Certified Specialist’ Program:
As of now, we cover most of the modules of NUMS tDPT program within our ‘Board Certified Specialist’ program; some as same title, some under different. But if it is needed, we can amend our modules to cover all general aspects of tDPT program so that ‘Board Certified Specialist Program leading to tDPT’ students get the best learning experience in Bangladesh.

Dr Osman Gony
Coordinator, Bangladesh Board of Physiotherapy Specialists (BBPS)
Publication Secretary, Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA)

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