Monday, 17 November 2014

Osteopathy Research on Gastrointestinal Disease

Did you know that research demonstrated that osteopathic manual treatment (OMT) lowers hospital stay for patients with pancreatitis, and for patients who had abdominal surgery, that patients have better bowel function after surgery when they receive OMT, that OMT strengthens lower esophageal sphincter in patients with acid reflex, and that it helps patients with irritable bowel syndrome? 

Below is a list of scientific clinical research indicating effectiveness of manual osteopathy on gastrointestinal disease.

Jackson KM et al (JAOA, 1998) used OMT lymphatic and splenic pump to show that hepatitis vaccines worked better with OMT.
Radjieski JM et al (JAOA, 1998) showed that OMT decreased the time patients with pancreatitis had to stay in the hospital.
Crow WT & Gorodinsky L (IJOM, 2009) studied abdominal surgery patients to show that postoperative OMT is associated with less time in the hospital.
McSweeney TP et al (J Bodyw Mov Ther, 2012) demonstrated that OMT to the colon can help treat back pain.
Baltazar GA et al (JAOA 2013) showed that OMT after gastrointestinal surgery was associated with more rapid return of bowel function and less time in the hospital.
da Silva RC et al (Dis Esophagus, 2013) demonstrated that OMT strengthens lower esophageal sphincter function in patients with GERD (improved acid reflux).
Attali TV et al (J Dig Dis, 2013) using OMT, improved short-term and long-term abdominal distension, pain and rectal sensitivity in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

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