Sunday, 16 November 2014

I am a student at another osteopathy school. Can I transfer to NUMSS?

Yes, you can. While most schools of osteopathy offer excellent education, many of their students do transfer to National University of Medical Sciences for a variety of reasons. 

Program length is one reason students transfer to NUMSS. We offer accelerated programs for health professionals, such as physiotherapists. For example, a 3 years bachelor of science in osteopathy program in Europe can be taken in 2 years in most European osteopathic colleges & universities. However NUMSS offers a compact 6 months full time program for physiotherapists. 

Tuition is another reason they transfer to NUMSS. In Italy students pay up to 100,000 EURO and in Canada up to $45,000 for osteopathic education. Our BSc in Osteopathy program is a flat fee of 1,650 per semester, which is the most affordable accredited osteopathic education in the world. A physiotherapist can become an osteopath by paying 1,650 EURO in tuition for a BSc degree or 3,300 EURO for the DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) degree.

Another reason is that they can enrol in dual degree programs and graduate with two degrees in athletic therapy, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), MBA and others.

But by far the most common reason for transfer of osteopathic students of other schools to NUMSS is that we offer 100% online education. That is convenient for many health professionals as they can study from the comfort of their homes without the need to travel.

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