Friday, 30 January 2015

Osteopathic Education for Nurses

NURSES: For a Better Future Earn your BSc(O)/MBA dual degree now

You like helping people, and you like health care, but the nursing work hours are long and the pay is not what you deserve. It is time for you to consider becoming a manual osteopath. Manual osteopathy is extremely popular with nurses and we have many nurses who have joined us to study manual osteopathy.

The Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy/Master of Business Management in Health Care dual degree prepares you to become a successful manual osteopath. The program is 1 year online on-demand for nurses at total tuition of 3,850 EURO. Practical technique classes are available in 45 countries, including USA, Netherlands, Norway, Brazil, Singapore, Spain & Canada.

The MBA program is designed for single practitioner clinics. In this program you learn about marketing, advertising, public relations, accounting, financial management, investing, asset protection, tax planning, and everything else need to manage your new manual osteopathic practice effectively.

Did you know in some cities (such as London, Canada) there are waiting lists of up to a year to see a manual osteopath?

Did you know average salary of experienced manual osteopaths is $90,000 and that new graduates are hired at $30 per hour? 

Did you know there is zero unemployment in this profession? And that graduates either find employment or open their own private clinic? 

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100,000 Facebook Fans!

National University of Medical Sciences (NUMSS) has now over 100,000 FB fans!

We are THE MOST popular osteopathic university in the world! We will continue working hard to bring you unique, innovative & affordable education, no matter where you are in the world.

Just a few years ago we started teaching in one country and now teach in 45 countries and that is thanks to you our fans. We could not have grown so much without your support.

Thank you and I love you all.

Dr Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DOMP, DO

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Canadian MD Studies Osteopathy after Hiring Osteopath!

Dr Raymond Chan, a Canadian physician obtained a bachelor of science in osteopathy and a doctor of osteopathy degree from National University of Medical Sciences when he hired Canadian manual osteopath, Mr Tony Lee, after Mr Lee helped a patient walk after two weeks of osteopathic care.

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Monday, 26 January 2015

100% Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Degree

Improve your work & business by earning a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree.

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is the ultimate business degree for the working professional. DBA gives professionals the advanced business knowledge and applied practical skills they require to rise to a leadership position in their current organization, make a career change or start a business of their own.

Unlike a PhD (which is more theoretical & typically emphasizes the discovery of new knowledge), a DBA emphasizes practical skills & research while enhancing knowledge that is directly applied to person’s career and the real world of business.

A DBA offers many opportunities which equates to increased income & earning power, whether it be rising the ranks to more executive positions, founding/managing a thriving business or simultaneously filling several successful roles (for example, working as an instructor, consultant & applied researcher concurrently).

The DBA program sharpens your decision-making and leadership skills, broadens your knowledge of both theory and applied research, and helps you gain the experience you need to manage positive change within your organization in order for it to thrive. 

National University of Medical Sciences offers a 100% online DBA, open to everyone, including accountants, lawyers, engineers, business owners, employees and anyone else who wishes to achieve success at work. Tuition is 3,300 EURO for the full program. The video lectures are in English and it takes one year to complete the program.

NUMSS Doctor of Business Administration was designed for the working professionals to become leaders in their chosen professions.

Our DBA curriculum is applied, skill based, comprehensive, well-rounded, rigorous and continuously updated to reflect current business trends and best ethical practices.

This is a unique DBA program like no others in the world. It is designed specifically to rely less on theory and more on applied knowledge that can be used right away by the working professionals.

You learn unique, revolutionary, innovative, practical, and creative business ideas that can be easily implemented in your organization to assure continuous growth.  

For more information please visit or our blog for the latest news at   Our videos are found at And NUMSS photo gallery is at

To receive the application form and academic calendar send us an email to

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Letter from Dr Lugo, MD, DO from Quebec, Canada

A letter from National University of Medical Sciences DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) student in Dorval, Quebec, Canada:

Hello Dr Pourgol, I just wanted to share with you the web page of the medical center where I’m working full time now, starting this January 2015, I’m very happy!

I wanted to say THANKS Dr Pourgol. Osteopathy has opened big doors for me! Now I know that I took the right decision when I choose to study in your school (NUMSS).

Dr Mariana Lugo, MD, DO
Dorval, Quebec, Canada
PS. In three Canadian provinces such as Ontario our graduates must use manual osteopath or osteopathic manual practitioner when referring to themselves. In the province of Quebec and most other Canadian provinces they can call themselves osteopaths. 
Please note that the DO designation issued by NUMSS is a Doctorate degree (Doctor of Osteopathy). While the DO issued by all osteopathic schools in Quebec is a diploma and stands for "Diploma in Osteopathy". 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

NUMSS graduates can now join ISBNPA

The International Society of Behavioral Nutrition & Physical Activity (ISBNPA) in the United Kingdom has informed us that National University of Medical Sciences graduates are eligible for membership. NUMSS graduates interested to join this European organization should visit for more information.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Can NUMSS MBA graduates join AMBAC?

Yes. Free membership in the “Association of MBAs in Canada”  is available to all National University of Medical Sciences graduates of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Health Care 100% online degree program who reside in Canada. 

NUMSS Student Becomes Team Osteopath for South African Cycle Team

Congratulations go to Dr Joe Arrindell, National University of Medical Sciences DO (doctor of Osteopathy) student in the Island of Mallorca (Spain) who has been chosen as the team osteopath for the MTN professional cycle team from South Africa that is training in the island. We are proud of having such high caliber students. 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

DO vs DO vs DO

What are the differences between DO, DO & DO?

There are three different types of DO granted by osteopathic educational institutes globally.

The first DO is Doctor of Osteopathy and also known as doctor of osteopathic medicine. It is awarded only in the USA to those American style osteopathic physicians who do surgery and prescribe medications.

The second DO is Diploma in Osteopathy, offered in the province of Quebec in Canada, and most European countries. This is European style manual osteopathy diploma.

The third DO is Doctor of Osteopathy issued by National University of Medical Sciences and others indicating a doctoral degree in European style manual osteopathy.

All of the above education takes about 4 years to be completed. 

100% Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The Board of Governors have approved addition of a new doctoral level degree to National University of Medical Sciences academic programs.

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is offered 100% online on-demand. It takes one year to be completed and tuition is 3,300 EURO.

It is available to everyone who meets the required prerequisites (such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, professional engineers, accountants & lawyers). Prior business education is not required.

To receive more information please email us at or visit our website at

Is DBA only for business professionals?

Not at all. The DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) program of National University of Medical Sciences is available to everyone who fulfills the required prerequisites, regarding prior business education.  It is open to health professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, medical doctors, athletic therapists, pedorthists, engineers, accountants, lawyers and scientists as well as those in the business and financial industry.  To receive more information please email us at Thank you.

Monday, 19 January 2015

VIDEO: Osteopathic Soft Tissue Therapy by Professor Darren Wigginton

Professor Darren Wigginton teaching osteopathic soft tissue therapy techniques to osteopathy students in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).


We are glad to announce that the British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences (BASES) now accepts National University of Medical Sciences & as a result our graduates are eligible for membership.

For membership information please visit .

Thank you

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Doctor of Physical Therapy in Iran دکترای حرفه‌ای فیزیکال تراپی در ایران

برای جدیدترین اخبار در مورد رشته دکترای حرفه‌ای فیزیکال تراپی در ایران از این سایت دیدن فرمایید

 For information on the Doctor of Physical Therapy program in Iran please visit the site below.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Film Maker Hired to Produce Osteopathy Documentary

Documentary film maker Ms Tania Pisa has been hired to help produce “The Last Resort” manual osteopathy documentary. We welcome her to Osteopathy TV and wish her success in her new project.
The Last Resort documentary film is being produced by Osteopathy TV with financial contribution of National Academy of Osteopathy & National University of Medical Sciences.

This documentary explores the reason behind popularity of manual osteopathy while also giving information to the public about its history, philosophy & education.

This documentary is produced with charitable donation and is scheduled to be offered free of charge to the public as well as Netflix, PBS, the Documentary Channel, and other TV channels hoping that the film introduces many to this wonderful profession.

Dr Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DOMP, DO
Osteopathy TV