Friday, 9 January 2015

Doctor of Botanical Medicine - DBM

Earn your Doctor of Botanical Medicine (DBM) degree now.

DBM is an entry level doctoral program in botanical medicine available to everyone, including those with no prior health education.

Next classes start September 01, 2015.

Classes are in English & held online worldwide.

For students with no prior health education the Doctor of Botanical Medicine takes 2 years full time to complete (tuition is 6,600 EURO). For those with prior health education such as massage therapist it is one year full time (3,300 EURO), and for osteopaths, physicians, chiropractors, athletic therapists & physiotherapists it is 6 months full time (1,650 EURO).

Upon graduation students can work as a doctor of botanical medicine in all countries, including Canada, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, India, & Australia.

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