Wednesday, 14 January 2015

CHIROPRACTORS; for a busier practice earn your MBA/DO dual degree now

The Master of Business Management in Health Care/Doctor of Osteopathy dual degree is 1 year online for chiropractors at total tuition of 3,712 EURO. Practical technique classes are available in 45 countries, including USA & Canada. 

Here is what our student, chiropractor/manual osteopath Dr Ross Anderson said about his manual osteopathic education: “The course was well organized and easy to follow. Studying at my own pace was excellent. The Practical was well taught and highly valuable. The expanded opportunities will be a good challenge. As a Chiropractor I find these procedures as effective with no possibility of after effects. More Chiropractors should get on board”.

The MBA program is designed for single practitioner clinics. In this program you learn about marketing, advertising, public relations, accounting, financial management, investing, asset protection, tax planning, and everything else need to manage your chiropractic practice effectively.

Did you know many chiropractors study manual osteopathy & have the dual degree DC/DO?

Did you know chiropractors who offer osteopathic care are generally fully booked and have long waiting lists of weeks or months?

Did you know in some cities (such as London, Ontario) there are waiting lists of up to a year to see a manual osteopath?

Did you know in Canada almost all insurers cover manual osteopathic care provided by our graduates?

Did you know in USA insurance companies have started covering manual osteopathic care provided by our graduates?

Did you know manual osteopathy in 2012 was ranked as the #1 choice of Canadians for low back pain relief?

Did you know over 5% of chiropractors routinely refer patients to manual osteopaths?

Did you know physicians prefer to refer to manual osteopaths compared to chiropractors?

Did you know physiotherapists routinely refer to manual osteopaths?

Did you know manual osteopathy is considered one of the top 25 occupations in demand?

Did you know more manual osteopaths are satisfied with their careers than any other health professionals?

Did you know Canadian patients consider manual osteopaths most skilled health professionals as compared with other alternative & complementary health professionals?

Did you know manual osteopathy offers the best treatment available for chronic pain of musculoskeletal origin and is the last resort of many patients?

Did you know most chiropractic techniques originated from osteopathy?

Did you know Dr Palmer, founder of chiropractic was a student of Dr Still, founder of osteopathy?

Did you know Dr Palmer planned to open an osteopathic school but was not granted permission by Dr Still? He then dropped out of osteopathy school and founded chiropractic soon afterward. 

By adding manual osteopathic care to your services, you will increase your patient base, and as a result have a busier practice and more income. That is why so many chiropractors decide to study manual osteopathy. More patients, & happier patients equal to more success. 

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