Friday, 30 January 2015

Osteopathic Education for Nurses

NURSES: For a Better Future Earn your BSc(O)/MBA dual degree now

You like helping people, and you like health care, but the nursing work hours are long and the pay is not what you deserve. It is time for you to consider becoming a manual osteopath. Manual osteopathy is extremely popular with nurses and we have many nurses who have joined us to study manual osteopathy.

The Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy/Master of Business Management in Health Care dual degree prepares you to become a successful manual osteopath. The program is 1 year online on-demand for nurses at total tuition of 3,850 EURO. Practical technique classes are available in 45 countries, including USA, Netherlands, Norway, Brazil, Singapore, Spain & Canada.

The MBA program is designed for single practitioner clinics. In this program you learn about marketing, advertising, public relations, accounting, financial management, investing, asset protection, tax planning, and everything else need to manage your new manual osteopathic practice effectively.

Did you know in some cities (such as London, Canada) there are waiting lists of up to a year to see a manual osteopath?

Did you know average salary of experienced manual osteopaths is $90,000 and that new graduates are hired at $30 per hour? 

Did you know there is zero unemployment in this profession? And that graduates either find employment or open their own private clinic? 

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