Friday, 2 January 2015

Top 5 High Income Health Careers for High School Graduates

Top 5 lucrative health professions that high school graduates can enrol right after graduation 

1-      Manual osteopathy, annual income $90,000
2-      Orthotics & prosthetics, annual income $78,000
3-       Respiratory therapy, annual income $60,000
4-      Athletic training (athletic therapy), annual income $41,000
5-      Pedorthics $39,000

Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice offered by National Academy of Osteopathy is 1 year full time for high school graduates and available in 45 countries. 

Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy offered by National University of Medical Sciences is 3 years full time for high school graduates & available in 45 countries.

National University of Medical Sciences offers degree programs in osteopathy, pedorthics & athletic therapy for high school graduates. Tuition is 1,650 per semester. NUMSS teaches in 45 countries and along with NAO is the largest provider of osteopathic education worldwide. 

High school graduates who completed grade 12 or equivalent can enrol to the bachelor of science in osteopathy program directly. The Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Master of Science in Athletic Therapy & Master of Science in Pedorthics can only be taken by high school graduates if they enrol in them as a dual degree program with the Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy, as they require a bachelor’s degree.

For more information please email the university directly at to receive the information package or visit the website at or Facebook page at

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