Thursday, 8 December 2016

Smarter Cash Model

Offering cash plans to your patients is an emerging concept that shows promise. In this model, patients make a monthly payment to the practice and they contract for a specific level of service. In some cases, there may be a monthly cap on visits.

In others, the number of visits may be unlimited and more akin to a health-club model where there are no limits or barriers—or even appointments to make. This model works for some practices that have the right demographic.

If your practice is set up in an affluent area where patients have more disposable income, the cash-plan model works well. It is driven by numbers, however; if you have a few hundred patients paying $100 a month, you’ll be making $240,000 to $360,000 a year.

If you opt for a more aggressive model that only charges $75 a month but you have 1,000 patients signed up, that turns into $900,000 a year coming in to your practice.

On the other hand, accounting for multiple billing profiles can be a nightmare when you’re trying to remember who was billed when, what their caps on services are, whether their plans are renewable, and so on. To manage this kind of problem, you need the right tools. Fortunately, there is software available today that’s flexible enough to manage all the varieties of plans you can offer.

Top 20 Highest Income Health Professions in Canada (2016)

Manual osteopathy is the #9 highest paid health profession in Canada. It also offers 1 to 4 years education programs. The one year diploma is the quickest education program of the top 20 health professions in Canada.

Students wishing to have a lucrative,
emotionally and financially rewarding health career should look into becoming a manual osteopath.

1- Medicine, Surgery & Osteopathic Medicine $161,000 to $576,000
2- Dentistry $114,000 to $315,000
3- Podiatrist $250,000
4- Optometrist $175,000
5- Anesthesiologist assistant $120,000
6- Pharmacist $109,000
7- Registered radiologist assistant $102,000
8- Chiropractic $100,000
9- Manual osteopath $90,000
10- Physician's assistant $89,000
11- Veterinarian $80,000
12- Perfusionist $80,000
13- Orthotist & Prosthetist $78,000
14- Surgical assistant $75,000
15- Physical therapist (physiotherapist) $74,000
16- Radiation therapist $74,000
17- Pathologists' Assistant $72,000
18- Speech language pathologist $70,000
19- Medical Technologist Manager $70,000
20- Audiologist $70,000

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Our New Orthopedic Taping Instructor

We are happy to welcome Ms. Candace Terry, RN, DOMP as a new member of our teaching faculty for the orthopedic taping class.

Ms. Terry is a registered nurse, certified Cardiopulmonary resuscitation instructor, as well as a manual osteopath (National Academy of Osteopathy graduate – August 2016). She is currently continuing her osteopathic education by enrolling in the DO (doctor of osteopathy) program of National University of Medical Sciences.

Ms. Terry brings with her years of experience in health education and training, including being the approved provider of CPR education to our students in Ontario. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Letter to NUMSS President

We graduate successful health professionals! 
Dr Pourgol’s business lectures are one of the reasons we graduate successful osteopaths. We teach students everything we know about business management. 

Here is a comment Dr Pourgol received from his student, osteopathic manual practitioner, Dani Reid (graduated August 2016) who opened her own private osteopathic clinic recently in London, Canada:

“Your help has been immeasurable. I'm so booked I haven't had time to implement a quarter of your tips from business lectures. Thank you!”