Thursday, 24 September 2015

Joining an Osteopathy Association in Alberta, Canada

National University of Medical Sciences graduates in Alberta, Canada can join the National Manual Osteopathic Society (NMOS) which currently allows them to directly bill Green Shield Insurance company.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

One of Canada's Best Orthotic Labs Gives Discounts to Our Students

Professor Majid Javadifar, an orthotist & Prosthetist and a manual osteopath, is a graduate of National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada) who just now completed his DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) degree from National University of Medical Sciences (Spain).

Dr Javadifar teaches custom made foot orthotics & orthopedic shoes casting, making, modification & dispensing at NUMSS to the manual osteopathy, physiotherapy and pedorthics students. He also owns one of the best orthotics manufacturing labs in Canada, while also having a multidisciplinary clinic in North York, Ontario. Shahla & Sara, two NAO graduated manual osteopaths work with Dr Javadifar in his clinic.

We congratulate Professor Javadifar on becoming a doctor of osteopathy and wish him continued success.

Any of our graduates who needs an orthotics lab, please contact him directly. NAO and NUMSS graduates receive discounts.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Dean of Faculty of Medicine Graduates with a DO degree

We are happy to have such distinguished graduate as Dr Narkeesh Arumugham (physiotherapist & osteopath), who has graduated from NUMSS doctor of osteopathy (DO) program. Dr Arumugham is the dean of faculty of medicine as well as head of the physiotherapy department of the Punjabi University in India.