Monday, 3 November 2014

Number of Osteopathy Students Worldwide

How Many Students are Studying Osteopathy?

There are over 14,700 students of European style osteopathy (also known as manual osteopathy) enrolled in degree or diploma programs around the world.

There are 21,741 students of American style osteopathy (also known as osteopathic medicine) enrolled in the DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) programs in American osteopathic universities and schools.

USA is the only country offering education in osteopathic medicine. All other countries where students enrolled offer European style osteopathic education (no surgery, no medication).

National University of Medical Sciences and its sister school National Academy of Osteopathy are the largest provider of European style manual osteopathic education in the world, teaching in 45 countries. NAO offers a diploma program in manual osteopathy 100% online or in-campus at its York University Heights campus in Toronto, Canada. NUMSS offers nine degree programs in osteopathy including its most popular program, the DO (Doctor of Osteopathy). NUMSS osteopathy programs can be taken 100% online or with optional in-campus classes in Madrid (Spain) or Toronto (Canada).
For more information email or visit NUMSS Facebook page at Tuition is 1,650 EURO per semester. All classes are held in English. However NAO also offers the DOMP program in Chinese language.

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