Thursday, 13 November 2014

Canadian Government Recognizes Manual Osteopathy


We are glad to announce that the title "Osteopathic Manual Practitioner" has now been officially entered into the National Occupational Classification of Canada; under the NOC Code # 3232 (Practitioners of Natural Healing). 

This is great news for the profession of manual osteopathy as it gives a unique identity to the job title of our graduates, and it is a great step towards regulating the profession of manual osteopathy in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada. 

Previously only the titles “osteopath or Doctor of Osteopathy” were classified in Canada to represent anyone who practices any forms of osteopathy.

Now there are officially two distinct forms of osteopathy in Canada, one the osteopathic medicine, which its practitioners call themselves osteopaths in Canada and the other European style manual osteopathy which its practitioners are called manual osteopaths or osteopathic manual practitioners. 

On another note; Canada Post on Nov 11, 2014 published the World Osteopathy Day logo designed by Dr Shahin Pourgol, president of National University of Medical Sciences & the National Academy of Osteopathy. 

Lastly, we want to inform all manual osteopaths that the the 100% online MBA in Health Care program of National University of Medical Sciences that is very popular with manual osteopaths and osteopaths, can be taken as a dual degree program with our master of science in athletic therapy or a number of our other programs. Tuition is 3,300 EURO for the full 1 year MBA program. Classes are in English. 

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