Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Osteopathy Business Tip by Dr Shahin Pourgol

Are You Benefiting from OPT?

I was one of the top 10 doctors in Canada seeing over 150 patients a day. One reason behind my success was that I mastered a revolutionary marketing concept called “Other People’s Time”. I had 1000s of people do marketing for me without costing me anything.
The concept is quite simple. You get other people to use their time for the benefit of your clinic because they want to help you grow. There are many ways of motivating people to use their time for your benefit.  One of the most effective is also the simplest! Ask and you shall receive.

Simply ask your patients to help you grow. After each treatment give them 5 to 10 clinic flyers and ask them to distribute them with their friends and co-workers. Patients like their osteopaths and would love to have an opportunity to help them. This inside marketing technique is great in building your osteopathic practice.

Dr Shahin Pourgol
Chiropractor, Ergonomist, Osteopath
President: National Academy of Osteopathy &
National University of Medical Sciences

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