Sunday, 28 May 2017

Main Provider of tDPT Education in Bangladesh

Academic Cooperation Between Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association & NUMSS (Spain)

The National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) and Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association (BPTA) have worked in the past two years to implement a campus based tDPT program in Bangladesh. The first postgraduate class of DPT (doctor of physical therapy) is starting this term in Bangladesh.

The tDPT education has become mandatory for BPTA members and in the next five years all physiotherapist members are required to obtain a tDPT degree, similar to the requirements of American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in the states.
As NUMSS (Spain) is the largest provider of tDPT education in Europe & Asia, we have been asked by BPTA to provide this education to its members.

We are excited to be accepted as an accredited provider of tDPT education by Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association. Our goal is to help elevate the profession of physiotherapy in BD and improve the health of society there.

Please note that in 2017 the name of Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA) has been officially changed to Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association (BPTA).

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