Monday, 8 May 2017

First Black Female Osteopath in South Africa

A letter received from one of our students in South Africa: 

Good day Dr. Pourgol

I feel extremely excited to be writing my very first e-mail to you. I am excited because of a myriad of things, first being: I am very much enjoying the dual degree I am currently doing with your university.

If NUMSS did not exist I would not have been able to learn Manual osteopathy in South Africa…………………I have begun implementing some of the Osteo techniques (the ones I feel
comfortable to be practicing) in my treatments and man oh man, my whole treatment has changed for the most better. 

I am not only achieving positive results but I have extremely happy and impressed clientele. Wow, I have no words to describe this humbling phenomena. I have not even completed my degree yet :).
The 3rd excitement is that it seems that I will be the first osteopath of my race in this country, an amazing thing on its own, as South Africa has the history of segregation and female oppression, I am
touched by the thought that when I graduate I will be the first “black” South African and “female” to be practicing in this field in South Africa………………………..I am so grateful for this, and I do see my future gleaming.

Thank you Dr Pourgol, for standing taller when the authorities tried to chop your legs beneath you.
Lots of love and respect.

Zanele Bosch
South Africa
National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) student

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