Friday, 28 April 2017

NUMSS New Alumni Card

The New Alumni Card

We have started a new program of issuing an alumni card for the DPT (doctor of Physical Therapy) graduates of National University of Medical Sciences.

The card will be mailed to all NUMSS alumni within the next three months.

As a gesture of thanks towards Dr Farjoud Shokouhi, the first DPT graduate of NUMSS (Spain) in Iran, the first card NUMSS alumni card issued was for this distinguished NUMSS alumnus (and current DO student).

Dr Shokouhi last week performed a miracle in Iran by getting a new scope of practice approved by the Iranian government for the physiotherapy profession. Now physiotherapists are legally permitted to prescribe a limited number of medications, order x-rays, prescribe and dispense orthotics and prosthetics and do acupuncture.

Dr Shokouhi was also the one who recommended NUMSS to offer an alumni card to DPT graduates. He is relentless in helping physiotherapists in Iran since he was elected to represent the profession as a supreme member of the Iran Medical Council. 

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