Sunday, 23 April 2017

A Revolution in the Profession of Physiotherapy in Iran

Physiotherapist, Dr Farjoud Shokouhi, DPT, a supreme member of the Medical Council of Iran and the first DPT graduate of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) in Iran was successful in lobbying the Iranian government into accepting a new scope of practice for physiotherapists in Iran, a first in 50 years!

Physiotherapists in Iran are now legally permitted to prescribe a limited number of oral and external medications. They are also permitted now to refer for x-rays and other simple diagnostic imaging.

Dr Shokouhi, who is known as the father of DPT in Iran, has revolutionized the profession of physiotherapy in this country, first by bringing the DPT program in Iran, and now by lobbying the government into redefining the profession of physiotherapy.
We are so proud of our alumni. And we thank Dr Shokouhi for all he does for the profession.

Our university in Iran has over 369 physiotherapists as alumni of our DPT (doctor of Physical Therapy) program. We are now the number one provider of DPT education in Europe.

Dr Shokouhi with about 50 other Iranian physiotherapists have also enrolled in the DO (doctor of osteopathy) program of NUMSS (Spain) after graduating from our DPT program.

Dr Shokouhi, all Iranian physiotherapists are grateful for what you have done for them in Iran. Thank you! 

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