Monday, 10 July 2017

Did you know we have alumni in 68 countries including Vietnam?

We have expanded osteopathy to more countries than any other school in the past 140 years. Here is a post from one of our students in Vietnam.

My name is St├ęphane Laporte. I live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am a DOMP from NAO and a BSc (O) and DO (Spain) from NUMSS. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM) and a Certified Triathlon Coach (ITCA).
To me, finding a recognized school was of primordial importance. The quality of the teaching is primordial. Over the 4 years that I have spent with the National Academy of Osteopathy and the National University of Medical Sciences, I have seen teachers that gave me a strong will to study and some highly skilled professors who would always challenge me to study more. I am now stuck in that routine of self-education, on top of the materials provided by the school, and I love it! I learn everyday more and more fascinating things and feel like I understand the body so much better than I thought. Or more like: I understand how much I didn't understand the human body before.

I enjoyed that the first year, the online videos were posted in a structured daily manner, to ease into this new contemporary way of learning. I enjoyed that the hours were flexible due to the distance learning nature of the program I chose. However, this did not mean less hours of studying at all!

As I went through the program, the videos got better, the fact that you can now send videos of yourself to your teachers for review, the homework given by the professors, the hands on classes, all of this contributes to me feeling proud of studying at NUMSS.

I still have a few hours to do to complete my 1,000 hours of clinical training, but I was lucky enough to have attended many workshops and training in clinics available in my region.

What I didn't expect was very useful business education, how to set up a clinic, how to manage it and cope with the legal aspects of it. It's so important, because once you've graduated, what do you do? You need to have a plan so you can use your talents in real life. If you can't fill up the paperwork to be able to legally work, all those skills you've spent so much time to learn might go to waste. The University makes sure you are not alone, with a strong business education and a solid and hyperactive alumni network.

I have applied for another degree, but have been on waiting list for a year, that's how in-demand NUMSS is.

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