Saturday, 2 April 2016

Study OSTEOPATHY: the Miracle Cure for Disability & Chronic Pain

Six Osteopathy Sessions Decreased Disability & Chronic Pain by over 50% in most patients, researchers find. 

Research done by the University of North Texas (USA) finds that 6 Osteopathy sessions (in a period of 2 months) reduced pain and disability by more than 50% in majority of 455 patients evaluated. Research was published in the Journal of American Osteopathic Association (JAOA).

We always keep saying that our popularity and the reason we are Canadian's number one choice for low back pain relief is our ability to treat chronic pain. And this research proves it!

We offer 10 diploma and degree level programs in osteopathy, online as well as on-campus at three schools; National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada), National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) and National University of Medical Sciences (USA). We also offer 24 other programs in physical therapy (DPT), massage therapy (BSc), botanical medicine, athletic therapy, MBA, etc.

We made the biggest news in osteopathy this year by registering NUMSS (USA) in Naples, Florida on March 08, 2016.  This American university is the first and only university offering degree programs in manual osteopathy (a bachelor of science and a PhD)! We keep making history in this profession. NAO was the first and only osteopathy school to be accepted as an affiliate member of Ontario Hospital Association. We registered in 2012 the first and only World Osteopathy Day in 137 years! And got Canada Post to print postal stamps with World Osteopathy Day logo on it. 

We helped in getting manual osteopathy recognized as an independent profession in Canada. Under National Occupational Code 3232 (Practitioners of Natural Health) Osteopathic Manual Practitioners is now registered as an independent professional. This permits our students to receive tuition and textbooks tax credit from Canadian Revenue Agency and would help us in getting the profession regulated in Ontario and elsewhere. 

Over 50% of Canadian manual osteopaths (except Quebec) have studied with one of our schools. Almost all insurers cover manual osteopathic treatments provided by our graduates. We also got osteopathic coverage for Canadian veterans in Ontario and Quebec. 

We count many politicians in Ontario as our osteopathy friends. Premier of Ontario, honorable Kathleen Wynne, Toronto Mayor honorable John Tory, and Ontario minister of Training, Colleges & Universities, honorable Dr Reza Moridi send greetings to our students regularly. Our president Dr Pourgol was invited to Ontario parliament on March 22nd, 2016 by Ontario minister of Training, Colleges & universities where he also met with Ontario Premier and Toronto mayor. 

To receive our information package which includes the academic calendars of the 3 osteopathy schools please send an email to You can also our schools websites at,, and For more research articles on osteopathy please visit our Osteopathy Related Research and Science Facebook page at:  

Thank you for making us the largest and most popular schools of manual osteopathy in the world. We teach in 54 countries because of your interest in our programs.

PS. Would you like to see yourself how we do miracles on a daily basis? Book an appointment for one hour of free osteopathic care with one of our interns at National Academy of Osteopathy student clinic located at the York University Heights campus of NAO in Toronto. Call 416-635-6550 to make an appointment or send an email to

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