Monday, 16 March 2015

Changing a Profession

The Medical Council of Iran, the government agency in charge of licensing all health professionals in Iran, has published in its Medical Journal as well as its website the news about National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) giving its first honorary DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) to Professor Mohsen Hashemi, the father of physiotherapy in Iran who established this profession 50 years ago in Tehran.

We are happy to announce that NUMSS has been chosen by the physiotherapy profession in Iran to provide a post professional DPT education to its 7000 physiotherapists, which is currently not available in Iran. The program will be offered online with practical technique classes in Tehran, Iran.

Currently we have DPT students in all Iranian provinces and some of the most distinguished physiotherapists there have joined NUMSS as DPT students including:

-presidents of Greater Tehran Physiotherapy Association, West Azerbaijan Physiotherapy Association, Isfahan Physiotherapy Association, & Qom Physiotherapy Association,

-The representative of physiotherapy profession in the Medical Council of Iran who is also a member of its supreme governing board, 

-Managing director of Gilan Physiotherapy Association,

-Director of Foreign DPT Evaluation Center of Iranian Physiotherapy Association,

-President of the Physiotherapy Research Center of Shahid Beheshti Medical University,

-Director of Physiotherapy Department of the Oil Hospital,

-Director of Physiotherapy Department of Naja Hospital, 

-Three university professors/authors of physiotherapy books,

-Team physiotherapists of National Volleyball Team of Iran & Omid Professional Soccer Team.

We are happy to be given this opportunity to serve the profession in Iran. By elevating the knowledge of these fine health professionals, we are improving the health of society.

The link below is to the article published by the Medical Council and the printed version is attached as well.

NUMSS offers a post professional DPT degree in 45 countries including Canada, India, Brazil, Germany, Italy, South Korea & USA.

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