Friday, 5 September 2014

Manual Osteopathy Profession in Canada

As per research published in 2012, with a treatment satisfaction rate of over 95%; manual osteopathy is the #1 choice of Canadians for low back pain treatment as compared to acupuncture, physiotherapy, medical care, chiropractic & massage therapy.

As per survey done at the University of Toronto by a sociology PhD student in 2012, Canadian patients consider manual osteopaths the most knowledgeable of all alternative health practitioners. 

There is a severe shortage of manual osteopaths in Canada. Only 1500 manual osteopaths practice in Canada. As per CMOE report in 2012, Canada has a shortage of 3,500 manual osteopaths. Many Canadian manual osteopaths do not accept new patients as their practices are completely booked up. 

As per Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) report in 2012, Manual Osteopathy is one of the top 25 occupations in demand in Canada.

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