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Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Book List

 National University of Medical Sciences Recommended Books for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program

The books suggested are for reference purposes, they are not mandatory to purchase, although some are highly recommended. The exams and lecture materials are not referenced from the books listed below. The exam materials are from the materials covered in the video lectures only, not from these books. The books listed below are for the category 3 students only (physiotherapists and physical therapists).  You can find many of these books in libraries or you may purchase them at,  Chapters, Indigo or order it through your local bookstore.

Clinical Pharmacology (CP301, CP302, CP401, CP402)
Pharmacology for the Physical Therapist Hardcover – Sep 24 2008, by Peter Panus (Author),    Bertram Katzung (Author),    Erin Jobst (Author),    Suzanne Tinsley (Author),    Susan Masters (Author),    Anthony Trevor (Author)

Differential Diagnosis I, II, III, IV (DD301, DD302, DD401, DD402)
1-      Differential Diagnosis for Physical Therapists: Screening for Referral, 5e (Differential Diagnosis In Physical... by Catherine C. Goodman MBA PT CBP and Teresa Kelly Snyder MN RN OCN CS (Jan 31, 2012)
2-      Ferri's Differential Diagnosis: A Practical Guide to the Differential Diagnosis of Symptoms, Signs, and Clinical Disorders, 2e by Fred F. Ferri MD FACP
3-      Differential Diagnosis of Common Complaints: with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access, 6e by Robert H. Seller MD, Andrew B. Symons MD MS
4-      Neurological Differential Diagnosis [Hardcover] by John P. Patten

Physical Therapy I, II, III, IV (PT301, PT302, PT401, PT402)
1-      Physical Therapy Case Files: Orthopaedics by Jason Brumitt and Erin Jobst (Mar 5, 2013)
2-      Neurologic Interventions for Physical Therapy, 2e by Suzanne Tink Martin MACT PT and Mary Kessler MHS PT (Aug 1, 2006)
3-      Guide To Evidence-Based Physical Therapist Practice by Dianne V. Jewell (Aug 23, 2010)
4-      Effective Documentation for Physical Therapy Professionals, Second Edition by Eric Shamus and Debra Stern (Jun 13, 2011)
5-      Managerial and Supervisory Principles for Physical Therapists by Larry J. Nosse MAPT PhD and Deborah G. Friberg PT MBA (May 20, 2009)
6-      Management of Common Musculoskeletal Disorders: Therapy Principles and Methods by Darlene Hertling BS RPT
7-      Physical Rehabilitation by Susan B. O'Sullivan, Thomas J. Schmitz
8-      Orthopedic Taping, Wrapping, Bracing, and Padding by Joel W. Beam EdD LAT ATC

Clinical Nutrition (CN301)
Sports Nutrition: A Practice Manual for Professionals by Christine A. Rosenbloom, Ellen J. Coleman 

Diagnostic Imaging (DI302)
1-       Fundamentals of Skeletal Radiology by Clyde A. Helms
2-      Essentials of Skeletal Radiology : 2 Volume Set by Yochum & Rowe

Laboratory Diagnosis (LD401)
Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures, 6e by Cynthia C. Chernecky PhD RN CNS AOCN FAAN, Barbara J. Berger MSN RN

Sports Medicine (SM402)
1-      Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation: A Sports Specific Approach by Ralph Buschbacher, Nathan Prahlow, Shashank J. Dave
2-      Tarascon Sports Medicine Pocketbook by Brent S.E. Rich, Mitchell K Pratte
3-      Managing Sports Injuries: a guide for students and clinicians, 4e by Christopher M Norris PhD MSc MCSP

Physical Assessment (PA301)
1-      Postural Assessment (Hands-on Guides for Therapists) by Jane Johnson
2-      Orthopedic Physical Assessment, 5e, by David J. Magee PhD BPT
3-      Therapeutic Measurement and Testing: The Basics of ROM, MMT, Posture and Gait Analysis by Lisa J. Weaver, Mandy Ferg

Musculoskeletal Pathology (MP302)
Pathology: Implications for the Physical Therapist, 3e by Catherine C. Goodman MBA PT CBP and Kenda S. Fuller PT NCS (Nov 12, 2008)

Manual Medicine (MM401)
1-      Orthopedic Manual Therapy (2nd Edition) by Chad Cook (Jan 6, 2011)
2-      Muscle Energy Techniques: A Practical Guide for Physical Therapists by John Gibbons (Jan 15, 2013)
3-      Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine, 1e by Kenneth A. Olson PT DHSc OCS FAAOMPT (Aug 29, 2008)
4-      Manual Therapy for the Cranial Nerves, 1e by Jean-Pierre Barral DO (UK) MRO(F), Alain Croibier DO MRO (F)

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