Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Is membership in CATA mandatory to practice as an Athletic Therapist in Canada?

Is membership in CATA (Canadian Athletic Therapy Association) mandatory to practice as an Athletic Therapist in Canada?

No. Athletic Therapy is not a regulated health profession in Canada or anywhere else in the world (Athletic Training, a separate but similar profession in USA is regulated there). As such membership in CATA is not required to practice as an AT in Canada.

Those who wish to become a Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT) can either join CATA or IBCAT.

International Board of Certified Athletic Therapists is a non-Canadian organization that certifies athletic therapists that pass its board exams.

CATA has obtained the trademark of "CAT" in Canada only. As IBCAT is a non Canadian organization it is permitted to issue the "CAT" designation, as Canadian trademarked designations do not apply to it.

IBCAT is in the process of obtaining trademark rights to "CAT" in Europe.

All Canadian graduates of the Master of Science in Athletic Therapy program of NUMSS are permitted to become Certified Athletic Therapists (CAT) through IBCAT and to practice in all Canadian provinces.

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