Thursday, 15 November 2018

Our Students are Helping Americans

An example of how osteopathic manual practitioners are helping American public with chronic pain.

Shanna Amo is an osteopathic manual practitioner & massage therapist in the city of Vancouver in Washington, USA. She has studied osteopathic manual practice at National University of Medical Sciences. This is a post from her Facebook page published on November 15, 2018.

Today I worked on a lady who had tried various therapy sessions with different practitioners from PT, chiropractors, regular massage, fitness trainers... she found me online from some social media I promote regarding osteopathic manual practice.. so she did some research about it and then she called me up to chat. I squeezed her into my already full day. She left almost crying happy tears saying she hasn’t had this much relief in a year and she felt amazing. Booked regular treatments with me for the next 6 months (I book out 6 months). I helped reset her ribs, her vertebrae, her neck, sternum, clavicle and shoulders at the A/C & G/h joints . It was one of the many stories I witness often in my treatment room and I am just so grateful for the education I have learned as a way to further my treatments for my clients. Thank you NUMSS and thank you Dr. P!!

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