Tuesday, 26 June 2018

How manual osteopaths can increase their lifetime income by $400,000?

I read a research today that for every year of extra education you complete in your field, you will make on average $200,000 more in your lifetime from your chosen profession. 

This means manual osteopaths with a diploma level education, such as those holding a DOMP (diploma in osteopathic manual practice) who enrol in the doctor of osteopathy program of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) have the potential of increasing their lifetime income by $400,000! 

The DO offers the highest level of education in manual osteopathy. It elevates the your knowledge, increases your self confidence, and allows you to offer better osteopathic care to your patients.

To request the information package on how to enrol at the online NUMSS (Spain) DO program for manual osteopaths please email to admissions@numss.com. You can also visit www.numss.com for more information. 

Thank you. 

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