Thursday, 31 December 2015

For Canadian NUMSS Students

Current Canadian NUMSS students:

As you were told during business lectures you are entitled to tuition, education and textbooks tax credits as both NAO and NUMSS are accepted by the Canadian Revenue Agency (applicable forms will be send to you from your school that you have to use when doing your taxes).

You were also told you that you could use all the expenses (travel, tuition, textbook costs, rent, etc) you incur to become a manual osteopath as your business expenses to reduce your personal income tax. To do so you must own a company (either sole, partnership or Inc) BEFORE you graduate. 

Best way is to register a numbered company. Please note you are entitled to use these expenses ONLY if you study towards making money in the future. If you study osteopathy just to increase your knowledge without planning to ever work as a manual osteopath in any capacity then you cannot use these educational expenses as business expenses.

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