Thursday, 16 July 2015

We now teach osteopathy in 54 countries

Teaching in 54 Countries! 

We are half way to reach our goal of teaching in 100 countries. National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) now teaches in 54 countries! Thanks to all NUMSS students, staff and faculty who made this possible. Without you we would not grow so rapidly.

To celebrate this event and to thank our students and graduates; we are giving free access for a month to all past NUMSS graduates to view all of our new video lectures. We have added a lot of new materials in business management, and techniques to our programs and now our past graduates are able to view them for free for a month. 

Those graduates wishing to obtain a hard drive, are also eligible to obtain one with all the upgraded new lectures. Those who have already own a NUMSS portable hard drive can receive a new one with the new lectures.

Please contact Luary Perez at to ask for your one month long NUMSS user ID and password.

The free videos are available only in the month of September 2015.

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