Friday, 30 May 2014

SEMINAR: Dr Pourgol's Osteopathic Wellness Protocol (OWP)


Dr Pourgol’s Osteopathic Wellness Protocol (OWP)

Seminar Presenter: manual osteopath; Dr. Shahin Pourgol, president and a professor of NUMSS

Time: 2 hours. Includes lectures & practical demonstration of manual osteopathic techniques

Format: campus based at the National Academy of Osteopathy campus at York University Heights campus located at 121 Limestone Crescent in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, as well as online video lectures worldwide. The in-campus Attendees get the opportunity to practice the techniques at our classroom in Toronto on each other under supervision of Dr. Pourgol and ask questions. Both campus based & online attendees have the ability to watch the videos on-demand for a period of one month after registration.

Fee: 50 EURO (or $75 Canadian). A receipt is issued for you to use as a business expenses for tax deduction purposes.

CEU: This seminar is eligible to be used for two hours of continuing education unit (CEU)

Eligibility: open to all health practitioners.

Course Aim: Osteopathic Wellness Protocol (OWP) has been developed by Dr Shahin Pourgol in April 28, 2014. OWP is a combination of manual osteopathic techniques that manual osteopaths can provide to their clients in an hour long session, billed as osteopathic wellness session. These techniques are known to promote production of Oxytocin & endorphin which are known to increase immunity & well-being of individuals while also decreasing stress & anxiety. Additionally these techniques increase flexibility, motion, lymph & blood circulation, while also promoting a better posture and deeper breathing, which overall increase health & well-being. 

Manual osteopaths are famous for being the last resort of patients for chronic pain relief. And most patients visit manual osteopaths only when they have acute or chronic pain. However aside from offering pain relief, manual osteopathy increases quality of life in individuals by combating stress, increasing immunity, flexibility, lymph and blood flow, & eliminating toxic from the body. Manual osteopaths save lives of elderly by increasing their mobility which is known to prevent deadly fractures and organ failures. The focus of manual osteopaths so far has been on pain relief but we can offer much more than just pain relief to our clients. 

OWP is especially of importance to seniors as it improves their quality of life by keeping them mobile.  Wellness sessions are commonly offered by chiropractors and massage therapists. We believe manual osteopaths should also incorporate wellness into their services.

By developing Osteopathic Wellness Protocol, Dr Pourgol is evolving the profession of manual osteopathy, from one that is focused mainly on pain relief to one that aside from pain relief also keep people healthy. 

Course Outcome: Upon completion of the seminar; attendees will be able to offer hour long osteopathic wellness services to their clients on a weekly basis.

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