Sunday, 3 November 2013

Student Testimonial from Norway

Dear Dr Pourgol:

 I’m here home in Oslo, Norway watching your videos and let me tell you how happy I am.

I have always been a very practical person since I was a young boy, I even played professional football and now I only do weight training but always I have had a lot of energy.

This has been great for my sports and for the military. But when it was time for study it has been hard for me sit down for several hours to read and focus on theory. I even was delayed in my education because of that.

That’s why I am sooooo glad for these video lectures because of the things I will learn for my osteopathy skills and for my managing part. This is GOLD for a practical person like me.

Just watching one video from the Ethics and management I learned a lot and got some good ideas for my clinic.

Thank you so much. I hope you can come and visit my clinic in Oslo and that I get the honor of getting to know you in person soon.

Best regards,

Finn-Tore C. Camacho Bjørnsand, BSc (physio)
National University of Medical Sciences Student
Class of September 2013
Oslo, Norway


  1. i want to benifet of your experiance chairman MSP