Tuesday, 24 January 2017

First University Based Osteopathy Program in Canada!

In 2016 we applied to the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development for approval of a diploma in osteopathic manual practice program to be offered by the National University of Medical Sciences (USA). We just received a letter from the ministry that informed us we are exempted from being registered by the ministry.

National University of Medical Sciences (USA) is now the first university in history to offer a campus based osteopathy in Canada! Currently all on-campus osteopathy programs in Canada are offered by colleges.

The program is available only to students with prior health education such as massage therapists, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors and kinesiologists. It is a 6 months program (1 semester) and included 2 months of internship at the NAO student clinic.

The program is held at the York University Heights campus of National Academy of Osteopathy (NAO) in Toronto, Ontario.
NUMSS (USA) is not a Canadian university and it is not registered as a university in Canada. We are registered in Naples, Florida in March 2016 as an online university. This is our first campus based program. The first class is scheduled to start on March 03rd, 2017. Tuition is $5,000 US for the online DOMP program. Tuition for the on-campus program is $7,000 US. Online students have access to two weeks of free on-campus practical classes in Toronto.

The DOMP is a Canadian osteopathy title copy-righted by National Academy of Osteopathy. Our graduates will be permitted to a number of associations in Canada which permits them to work in all Canadian provinces and to bill most extended private health plan insurers.

To receive more information and to request our information package please send us an email to admissions@numss.us or visit our website at www.numss.us.

Thank you. 

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